Our Fleet Tracking Solution offers a variety of hardware for keeping up with your fleet. From tracking minute-to-minute movements to monitoring federally mandated Hours of Service, we offer a range of tools for managing your fleet of vehicle and drivers.

Vehicle Tracking Devices (GPS only)

These devices provided GPS reporting in 60-second (Engine ON) and 60-minute (Engine Off) intervals. These units can either be wired directly to the vehicle or plugged in the OBII port.

Wired Device (2630)

Plug In Device (3035)

87 Series Geometris (Plug-in)

3640 Calamp Multi-function

4230 Multi-function – NO LONGER SOLD

Asset Tracking Devices (GPS Only)

Asset Trackers are used on equipment such as trailers, generators, etc… instead on devices. They can utilize an external power supply or an internal battery. The reporting interval ranges from every 15 minutes to every 24 hours, depending on your needs and the power supply.

Wired Asset Tracker (2830)

Battery Asset Tracker (720)

T1000 Satellite

Add-On Options

Add-on options vary from device to device and include items such as Temperature Trackers, ID Readers and Wex Fuel Card Integration. Please visit our Add-Ons page for further details.

Dash Cameras with GPS

Our SmartWitness Dash Cameras allow both still and video imagery, along with GPS tracking for the vehicle.


Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) are used for commercial drivers to track their federally mandated Hours of Service. We offer several options for ELD, depending on your needs and whether or not you need the ELD to include GPS tracking.

3640 Calamp Multi-function

VeoSphere (no Bluetooth required, includes tablet)

87 Series Geometris (Plug-in)

4230 Multi-Function DeviceNO LONGER SOLDĀ 


ELD units do require tablets (or cell phones) to access the app along with cables and mounts for proper installation in the vehicle. Our ELD options give you the choice of purchasing a tablet through us or bringing your own device (BYOD). Please speak to a Sales Rep for details.