720 Calamp (Battery Asset Tracker)

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Similar to the 2830 Wired Asset Tracker, the 720 Battery Asset Tracker is designed to provide GPS tracking for non-vehicular equipment such as trailers, generators, etc… However this device is NOT wired to the tracked item and is solely powered by battery. As such, the reporting interval is limited to once every 24-hours so that the battery life is preserved.

  • Reports once a day by default. Can be changed to twice per day reporting (prior to shipping).
  • Long lasting battery in solid state for durability. Battery will last 7 years before needing replacement (unless reporting interval is changed).
  • Internal antennas eliminate the need for wired antennas
  • Mountable virtually anywhere for easy, inexpensive installations.
  • Tested and proven in extreme environments
  • Super sensitive GPS
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer for motion sense, tilt, and impact sensing
  • Voltage monitoring and low battery notification

Dimensions – 2.25″x2.25″x10.5″ (55x55x260mm)
Weight – 32 oz (907g)

Environmental Parameters

Temperature -30 + 75 C (operating) tethered
-40 + 85 C (storage)

Installation Guide