Glossary of Terms


Aggression – Hard Braking and Rapid Acceleration are considered to be aggressive driving.

Alert – A text, email or site message triggered by specific vehicle behaviors (such as excessive speed or idling)

Asset Tracker – a GPS tracking device that is designed to track items like trailers or stationary equipment, rather than vehicles.

Driver – the employee operating the vehicle

ELD – Electronic Logging Devices, mandated by the Department of Transportation on December 18, 2017

ELD Admin Portal – Web-based software from which the HOS records entered by Drivers can be viewed by their supervisors.

ELD Driver App – application installed on a Driver’s phone or tablet, used to input their HOS records

Geofence – a virtual boundary placed around a specific property or geographic area, entry and exiting the boundary is noted in the device readings.

GPS Platform – the web-based software from which the results of the GPS tracking are viewed

Hard Braking – Deceleration of more than 8 miles per hour per second

Hours of Service (HOS) – the federally mandated rules that determine how much time commercial drivers may work and when they must go off duty.

Idle – Engine Running, No movement for at least 3 minutes

OBD II Port – The port in all vehicles (smaller than a box truck) for connecting a diagnostic or tracking device, which became required on all vehicles manufactured after January 1, 1996

Offline – Device is not reporting, will not report cause of outage. Contact Support with questions

Rapid Acceleration – Accelerating by more than 6 miles per hour per second

Report – A list of readings for specific devices, drivers, date ranges and reading types

Schedule – defines the days of the week and the hours of the day that a vehicle may be in use. Required for the After Hours alert to function

Stopped – Engine Off, No Motion

Trip – This is the time from Engine On to Engine Off, no matter how long  or short the interval.

User – someone who can log into the GPS platform and/or the ELD Admin Portal

Vehicle Profile – a set of data that established baseline fuel usage for the vehicle and is required to Fuel Efficiency reports

Widget – the graphs, tables and charts that appear in Advanced Dashboards

Wiring Harness – the wiring bundles used to connect  2630, 4230 and Veosphere tracking units to the vehicle