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In the Devices section you can rename your devices, enter vehicle information and set the device time zone, enable alert settings, enter the odometer reading, and set individual device thresholds.

Rename Devices
To rename your devices click “Edit” next to each device and click on “Device Details.” Here you can customize the name and fill out other vehicle information. Make sure to select the correct time zone from the dropdown box. When installing the devices make sure you have some system of matching up the identification number on the device label (IMEI) with what vehicle it is being installed into to make renaming the devices in the application easy.

Device Alert Settings
You can also set the device alert settings in the “Alert Settings” section

You’ll also find sections for the  “Odometer”and “Runtime”, which  should be filled in if you track this for your vehicles. “Idling” and “Stops” allow you to assign an individual device Alert threshold for each device. “Notes” allows you to enter pertinent information regarding the device that will show up in the Locations tab. Selecting “Active” will make that device’s icon appear in blue, selecting both Active and Actionable will make the device icon in the Locations appear in red.