Services Offered

Our Fleet Tracking Solutions offer our clients an array of tracking options to meet their specific fleet needs:

GPS Tracking – Our GPS tracking platform allows you to see the current locations of your vehicles, view tracking history, monitor driving habits, track fuel efficiency, and set up recurring maintenance tasks and reminders. For more details see GPS Tracking.

Asset Tracking – Asset tracking allows you to track equipment and trailers and offers battery operated options (when there is no ignition source) and weatherproof options for devices that would be exposed to the elements. For more details see Asset Tracking.

Dash Cameras – We offer dash cameras that capture driving footage from multiple angles to provide insight into driving habits and can assist with concerns of liability. For more information, see Dash Cameras .

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) – Our ELD solution includes the ELD Driver app in which drivers log their Hours of Service and the ELD Admin portal where the driver logs can be reviewed. Our system is compliant with the Department of Transportation’s latest requirements and is user-friendly for both you and your driver. For more information, see Electronic Logging Devices.