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ELD stands for Electronic Logging Devices, as required by the US DOT for tracking federal Hours of Service standards. This mandate went into effect on December 18, 2017. To determine if you are required to use ELD, please contact the US Department of Transportation.

ELD consists of an Electronic Logging Devices that plugs into the vehicles’ Jpod or Vbus port, a tablet or cellphone on which to display the app used by the drivers for recording their records and the web-based admin panel  for use by supervisors.

You can find more details about each part of the ELD set-up at the links below:


Admin Panel

Driver App

ELD Section of GPS Platform

ELD Glossary of Terms

Hours of Service FAQ’s

NOTE: We CANNOT and WILL NOT provide information or answer questions regarding specific DOT regulations. Our scope is limited to the installation, operation and troubleshooting of the equipment and software for your mandated ELD.

Questions regarding which Drivers are subject to the Federal HOS Rules, how those rules apply, exemptions, CDL requirements, etc should be directed to the U.S. Department of Transportation for clarification. https://www.transportation.gov/