Wired Asset Tracker (2830)

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The Wired Asset Tracker (2830) is designed to provide tracking for non-vehicular equipment, such as trailers, generators, etc. The unit wires to the item to be tracked and draws its 12V power suppy from that item. Battery back-up is provided if the power supply is interrrupted.

  • Reports every 15 minutes when moving or once a day when stopped or running on battery
  • 6 Months with single message cycle per day on fully charged batteries
  • 3.8 Ah lithium ion rechargeable battery pack
  • Superior internal antennas eliminate the need for wired antennas
  • Capable of storing up to 20,000 buffered messages
  • Tested and proven in extreme environments
  • Super sensitive GPS
  • 3 inputs and 3 outputs for easy installation
  • Voltage monitoring and low battery notification
  • Can be linked to vehicle igntion if needed
  • Tempurature Tracker can be installed to wired asset tracker

Installation Guide

CalAmp 2830 Wired Asset Tracker
Trailer Install
Equipment with Ignition
Assets with Temperature Sensor Option