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Web-based Reports 

Web-based reports have the interactive map allowing you to see the locations of your devices and access Google map features such as the street view. You can filter your report by hovering your mouse over the filter categories, making your selections and  clicking the “Go” button. You can export Web-based reports to save for offline viewing by selecting your preferred format and clicking on the “Export” button in the upper right corner. The exported report will be available in the Downloads report section. To view the report, click where it reads “Ready” to the left of the report. You can then print the report and/or save it to your computer.

The system allows you to customize per User report preferences for Web-based reports. To set your preferences, hover your mouse over each of the report filter categories and select your preferences for each and check the “Save as Default” box before clicking on Go. This will save these selections for each time you log in with your user account. Each user can set their own unique preferences.

To find reports for devices that have been previously deactivated or removed from the account, go the the ‘Type’ drop down and select button for ‘Archived’. This will allow to access history even if the unit is no longer in use.

For a detailed list of reports visit our Reports Key