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SmartWitness Dash Cameras

InTouch GPS has partnered with SmartWitness to provide an integrated dash camera solution. The SmartWitness cameras provide continuous video footage white the vehicle engine is on as well as acts as a GPS tracking unit to provide you with comprehensive telematics data. The installation of the cameras is handled by SmartWitness and will be scheduled at the time of purchase.

There are three ways to pull camera feed to view on InTouch GPS.  Regardless though, all three methods land in the REPORTS/Camera Events section.  When manually pulling footage, Camera 1 is front facing and Camera 2 is cab/driver facing.  The images are pulled in series, and the video clips can be up to 20 seconds long.  We do not  limit how many times a customer can pull footage from the camera.

Your camera is recording whenever the engine is on but NOT when the engine is off as there is no movement to record. You are able to view the footage in several ways including directly from your InTouch GPS tracking account. You can view live and historical footage from your InTouch tracking account when vehicle engines are on.

Still and Video images can be accessed in 3 different ways from your InTouch tracking account:

Events of significance such as braking, acceleration, shock, impact detected, and panic button will automatically be put into the “Camera Events” report in the Reports section. Click on the Reports tab and select Camera Events for the report and what device(s) you would like to view. Then click on the images in the images in the Media column to view.

You can pull images from your Locations tab to view live footage. Just click on the name of the device on the left and an info bubble will appear on the map. Click on the camera lense icon and then select either image or video. In a few minutes the image or video requested will pop up on the screen for you to view. (It takes a few minutes, please be patient.)

You can also request historical images from the Readings report in the reports section. Any images you request here will be put into the Camera Events report to view.

You have two options to save the images viewed directly on your InTouch tracking account. You can either use the downward facing arrow in the lower righthand corner of the image or video to download it to your computer or you can use the share button to email the file to yourself or another recipient.

You can also view footage by downloading the footage from the SD card inside the camera itself. The SD memory card in the cameras is 32G and will store approximately 40 hours of footage. When the card is full the oldest images will be written over with the newest data. For this reason if you intend to save all data captured you will need to download from the SD card at least every 40 hours of drive time. Remember though that most “significant” events will already to be stored for you in your InTouch GPS tracking account in the Camera Events report.

The dash cameras include a Panic Button feature the driver can utilize in the event of an emergency. The recipients of the Panic Button alerts are entered the Settings Tab, under Emergency Contacts. If the Emergency Contact is an existing User, you can select them from the drop down menu rather than having to re-enter the information.

If you have both a regular Calamp tracking device along with your Smartwitness dash cameras, another feature the dash cameras can provide are “Camera Rules” that can be setup to capture images or video of specific driving events. This is done in the Settings Tab, in the Dash Cam sub-section. Select the Camera Rules link in the upper right-hand corner, followed by New Camera Rule. Give the rule a name, then use the Add Rule link to indicate the parameters for the rule, selecting first the Event Type and then Media Type.

Camera Rules REQUIRE a GPS tracking unit in ADDITION to the SmartWitness camera.