Temperature Sensors Functionality

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Temperature Sensors can be purchased and added to wired devices, allowing you to track the temperature in a refrigerated trailer. You are able to set alarms that will trigger if the temperature drops above or below your designated points. Sensors can viewed through the Settings Tab, in the Sensors sub-section.

Sensor Alarms are set up in the Settings Tab, in the Sensor Alarms sub-section. Click on the “New Alarm” button to the right and fill in the requested info using the definitions you see listed below:

Name – Description of the Alarm
Setpoint – The Temperature at which the Alarm will trigger.
Deadband – This is the band (in degrees) where no action occurs again after the alarm is triggered to prevent repeated activation-deactivation on the Alarm. ie, if the Setpoint on a High Trip Alarm is 28.0F and the Deadband 1.0F, the temperature will need to drop lower than 27.0F to reset the Alarm.
High Trip – Check box if the Alarms need to trigger if the temperature goes above the Setpoint. Leave unchecked if it needs to trigger once it goes below.
Auto Reset – Check if the Alarm will reset once going back to the Setpoint+Deadband Temperature. Otherwise, you will need to manually clear the Alarm.
Retrigger – Alarm will alert more than once if it does not go back to the Setpoint+Deadband Temperature.
Severity – Issues with the Alarm as part of the status.
Max Notifications – How many times it will Retrigger before going back to the Setpoint+Deadband Temperature.