Important Tips:


• Mount device inside dash at highest position with sticker barcodes facing up

• Before connecting to constant power all wires must be connected
(or insulated) to avoid electrical damage

Verifying Device Status:

Orange Rapidly Blinking – Searching for cellular signal

Solid Orange – Cellular registered and connected

Green Blinking – Searching for GPS signal

Solid Green – GPS signal connected

Common Issues:

Wired Device (2630)

Tracking Device only Reports once each Hour
If your Wired tracking device is only reporting once each hour even when the vehicle is on and it is not recording the speed of the vehicle, then this is most likely an installation error with the Ignition wire. Check the installation on this ignition wire (WHITE) and make sure that it is receiving 12V when the vehicle is on and 0V when the vehicle is off. If this does not resolve the issue, then please contact support.

Tracking Device Shows Engine Constantly Running
If your Wired tracking device is reporting every 60 seconds, even when the vehicle engine is turned off, this indicates that is is wired ‘hot’. There is most likely an installation error regarding the Ignition wire (WHITE). Make sure this wire is recieving 12V when the engine is ON. When the engine is OFF, the device should be getting 0V. The presence of power on the wire is what tells the unit whether or not the engine is running and therefore what reporting interval to use.

Tracking Device Stops Reporting at Engine Off

The Wired unit is program to report ever 60 minutes when the Engine is OFF. If there are no readings at Engine OFF, please check the RED wire and ensure that is recieving 12V of power, REGARDLESS OF ENGINE STATUS. The RED wire is the unit power supply and must be maintained whether or not the engine is running.

Plug-In Device (3035)

Device Not reporting

If the unit stops reporting, you’ll determine whether the unit is the issue or the vehicle. The easiest way to do this is to install the device into a different vehicle. If the unit reports, then the problem is NOT the device but rather the OBD II port it was installed in. If the unit remains offline, then the problem is the device and you’ll need to contact Support for futher assistance.

If the problem is determined to be the vehicle, the most common cause is loss of power to the OBD II port (usually a blown fuse). Please have the port checked for proper function.

Device Does Not Show Engine ON

This is an issue that stems from communication between the vehicle ECM (on board computer) and the plug-in unit. Please contact Suppport to resolve.

Wired and Plug-In Units

If the Tracking Device Temporarily loses Mobile Coverage (Offline)
The location data collected on your devices from the satellites are transmitted through cellular towers. There are occasions when the vehicle may go out of coverage range and the tracking device will not be able to update the vehicle’s location in real-time. In this case, the tracking device will store the readings in its memory and when it regains mobile coverage, it will upload all of the backlogged messages in your Reports history. So you will not lose your history due to mobile coverage!

Loss of GPS Signal (GPS Not Available)

The tracking units are in constant communication with the orbiting GPS satellites, in order to maintain knowledge of their current location. If this communication is disrupted then the reading will show ‘GPS Not Available’.

The most common causes of GPS signal loss are physical barriers. Placing the vehicle in a parking garage or under metal roofs will cause signal loss. Moving the vehicle back outdoors, with a CLEAR view of the sky, should resolve the issue without futher intervention.  If GPS signal is not restored within 10-15 minutes, please contact Support for further troubleshooting.

Provided that the cellular signal has not been disrupted the readings will continue to register engine activity, however there will be NO attendant location data. Location data CANNOT be recovered as it was never generated in the first place.