3035 Calamp (Plug-in)

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Our plug in device works in most light-duty and medium-duty vehicles made after 1995. and instantly plugs in to the OBD-II port on your vehicle.

To install your 3035 plug-in unit, fit the device into the OBD II port of your vehicle. To locate the OBD II port, consult the User Manual for your vehicle. When installing the device, ensure that the vehicle is outdoors with a clear view of the sky (no metal roofs or overhangs). The device should report within a few minutes of installation. Turning on engine run can help the unit report sooner. If the device has been installed for longer than 1 hour without a response, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

CalAmp 3035 Plug-In Device
– Y Cable Install

Device Unplugged Notification
If you would like to be notified directly if your Plug-In device is removed from the vehicle, first of all make sure that you have our AT-3030 model. This can be identified by a small bulge on the back of the tracking device. If the device does not have this bulge, then it does not have an internal battery and cannot notify you that it has been unplugged.

To set up the notification, go to the large Settings tab on your screen and select “Users” from the submenu option. Select “edit” next to your User name. From this page select the “Alerts” option. Select “edit” for the “Device Unplugged” notification. You can set yourself to receive instant notifications via text, email, or an application message when this occurs. Hit the Update button.

Device is not Reporting (Offline)
If your Plug-In device has not reported in over 1 hour, it is most likely not connected to the mobile network. If the device is in a remote area, then it should regain connection once it re-enters a mobile coverage zone. If the device does not report for an extended period, this could be a result of device malfunction or the device could have come unplugged for some reason.

If you have access to the vehicle we recommend that you check to see if it is still plugged in. If it is, are the green and orange LED’s on? If there are no LED’s on it could mean that a fuse has blown in the vehicle and you could try plugging the device into another vehicle. If the LED’s do not come on when plugged into another vehicle or the orange LED does not stop blinking after a few minutes, please contact Support and we will create a resolution to this delay.

Engine Diagnostic Codes
Plug-in devices will report any vehicles showing active diagnostic codes. To view this information, go to the Maintenance tab on your screen and click “Diagnostics” from the sub-menu. Here you will see any active engine codes listed. After the codes have been cleared from the vehicle, you can see the history in the “History” link on the right hand side of the screen. There is an Engine code alert you can set up in the alerts section to notify you immediately of active codes.