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Reports are summaries of the data produced from your tracking devices. The individual readings are save in our system for one (1) year from date they are generated, so you are able to look at the information at any time until that point. We offer multiple options for saving and downloading this information for long-term storage.

To see a list of all the Reports that we have available please Click Here

Web-based Reports are available for viewing directly on the software platform. These are the most commonly used and easily accessed reports. They can be exported and saved as individual files on demand.

Downloaded Reports can also be pulled and saved to your computer, without having to display them on the screen first. This is done on demand from the software platform.

Scheduled Reports allow you set up the needed Reports to be generated and emailed directly to you. This option is well suited for any reports you intend to review on a regular basis or need to ensure are saved long term.