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This is where you can create additional user logins, set user preferences, and turn on Alerts.

Create Additional User Logins
Click on “New User” and enter the first and last name and email. Each user on the account must have a unique email address. You can customize each user’s permissions by unchecking the “Site Admin” box and selecting the specific areas the user needs to view and edit. You can also determine which Divisions the user has access to.

Once the user is created MAKE SURE TO SET THE TIME ZONE by clicking Edit next to the User and then clicking on the Time Zone section to set. Click the Update button at the bottom to save the changes.

Set up Alerts
Start by clicking “Edit” next to your name for your user options. To set up alerts, click on the Alerts section and click “Edit” next to each alert you want to set up. Select the “Yes” radio button to turn on the alert, select your preferred delivery method(s), which devices the alert is regarding in the “Send About” dropdown and click on “Save Alerts”.

User Preferences
To set User preferences, click “Edit” next to your name and click on the Preferences section. Here you can select your preferred main “tab” selection, default report, default dashboard, and prefered map markers.