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SMARTWITNESS: Camera Integration

SmartWitness is a unique camera integration. While having an offline SD card, key events and live views can be pulled directly off of the camera and sent into the InTouch GPS platform – all over the air and in real time!

Using the Camera on InTouch GPS

There are three ways to pull camera feed to view on InTouch GPS. Regardless though, all three methods land in the REPORTS/Camera Events section. When manually pulling footage, Camera 1 is front facing and Camera 2 is cab/driver facing. The images are pulled in series, and the video clips can be up to 20 seconds long.

These Camera Events are logged by:
1. Automatic backups. Acceleration, Deceleration, and Shock all automatically backup an image series to InTouch GPS. These are more sensitive than CalAmp devices, so they do not necessarily correlate with the tracking device.
2. The camera has a 64GB SD card that rolls over video. Generally it will store 15 hours worth of footage. So if the camera is online, you can go to a readings report and pull the camera footage by clicking the camera symbol in the pop-up. This will send the footage into the “Camera Events” report.

3. For a live camera view, you can click the camera symbol in the pop-up from the Locations tab. This will send the footage into the “Camera Events” report.

Using the SW Camera on InTouch as a Tracking Device
While some customers may combine the SW camera with a CalAmp tracking device for a better tracking experience, the SW camera can provide tracking on its own. It does not report when the vehicle is off and generally goes offline during that time so that even historical footage is not available to pull at that time. When the vehicle is on, it reports about every 15 seconds. Because of this, most of our standard reports are compatible with it. Trips, Stops, and even Mileage (with some skew).

Associating the Camera to the InTouch-CalAmp Tracking Device
In the case that a customer wants the full featured tracking through the CalAmp device combined with the SW Camera integration, we have the option to associate the two unique devices together and display them as one unit on InTouch GPS. You do this similarly to assigning Drivers to a vehicle. You go to Settings/Dash Cams and “install” a select camera using the dropdown list of CalAmp devices.


Installation Guides

SmartWitness CP1
SmartWitness KP1/KP1S