GPS Tracking Platform Overview

Our GPS Tracking platform allows you to view current locations and tracking history, monitor driving habits,  manage vehicle maintenance, track fuel efficiency, and set up real-time alerts and scheduled reports to automate your fleet management.

Below is a brief description of features:

Locations – Shows the current location and status of your vehicles, both in text and on Google Maps

Dashboard – Displays summarized fleet metrics within the date range selected. The Advanced dashboard allows you to choose what metrics you wish to display and customize the format

Reports – Stores all history for your devices (up to 1 year).

There are 3 different report types:

Web-based – allows you to filter and view reports with the interactive map
Downloads– allows you to download reports on demand to print or save to your computer. Options to select a PDF, Excel, or CSV format.
Scheduled – automated reports that are sent to your email address. Frequency options are daily, weekly, and monthly and quarterly.

Drivers  – Your Driver management tool, allowing you manage driver vehicle assigments, keys, and driver alerts

Maintenance – Allows you to manage and record vehicle maintenance tasks and costs and view vehicle diagnostics (plug-in devices only)

Behavior  ‎- Scores overall driving behavior and gives detailed metrics for idling, speeding and aggression

Media – For those who have purchased Dash Cameras, this is where the imagery, both still and video, can be seen.

 Messages  – Allows you to send and receive messages between users, view device alerts, and send messages to our Support Team

Settings – Set all account and device preferences, such as naming devices, setting user permissions, turning on alerts, and setting speed and idle thresholds

 Fuel – Allows you to enter and view fuel purchases to be used for fuel efficiency tracking