Electronic Logging Devices

ELD stands for Electronic Logging Device. ELD has been mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to replace the current paper logging for carriers subject to Federal Hours of Service (HOS) regulations as of December 18, 2017.

NOTE: InTouch GPS CANNOT and WILL NOT provide information or answer questions regarding specific DOT regulations. Our scope is limited to the installation, operation and troubleshooting of the equipment and software for your mandated ELD.

Questions regarding which Drivers are subject to the Federal HOS Rules, how those rules apply, exemptions, CDL requirements, etc should be directed to the U.S. Department of Transportation for clarification. https://www.transportation.gov/

ELD requires certain equipment: a GPS tracking device that plugs into the vehicle OBD/JPOD port via a JPOD Y cable, a mounted tablet and the data cable that connects them. We sell all of this equipment, however clients are welcome to provide their own tablet. We’re happy to assist you in determining the correct tablet to use.

The device plugs directly into the JPOD adapter cable. The cable then plugs into the vehicle’s J1939 socket. The device does not need special prerequisites or installation from authorized personnel. After the device is plugged into the socket, the yellow and red LED lights start blinking with 1Hz rate. This means the device is powered and operational. Connect the data cable to the AUX 1 connector of the tracking device and the other end into the tablet’s cradle.

Next, you’ll need to Enable the Bluetooth functionality on your Android phone or tablet by doing the following:

  1. From the main screen, go to Settings
  2. Tap Bluetooth (under Connections)
  3. Tap the switch from the “Off” to “On” position to turn on the Bluetooth and put your Android phone or tablet into pairing mode
  4. The final step is to pair your Android phone or tablet with the Calamp Device
    • Upon completion of tapping Bluetooth (as instructed above), the Android phone or tablet should display a list of available Bluetooth devices. In case the list is not available, tap on the “Scan for Devices” or “Search” button.
    • After a 5-10 second delay, the “LMU_XXXXXXXX” device should appear on the list of the Available Devices. If the device is not available in the list, make sure you are in close proximity to the CalAmp 4230 device (less than 32 feet or 10 meters), and the CalAmp 4230 device is powered on.

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There are two software components to ELD: the InTouch ELD Admin Portal and the ELD Driver App. If you are also doing GPS tracking in addition to logging hours of service you will also have access to the InTouch GPS tracking Platform. There are extensive help sections in both the ELD Driver app and Admin portal to assist with using both of these platforms, as well as a User Guide in the InTouch GPS tracking account. We highly recommend that you also schedule a personal one-on-one training session with our InTouch University Training team. Click on the “Schedule Training” link at the top of your GPS tracking account or call (800) 746-5170, extension 328.

Driver App
Drivers will log into the Driver App, via the tablet. From here they will update their status, log their breaks and off duty time, enter DVIR (Driver-Vehicle Inspection Records) records, certify their logs (this is the electronic equivalent of signing a paper log) and if necessary edit the logs. Everything the Driver will need to do will be in this app. It includes a detailed Help section that the Driver can refer to as needed.

Admin Portal
This portal allows Employers and other authorized personnel to view the ELD data entered by Drivers through the Driver app. Here you can view Driver Status, logs, violations, DVIRs, etc and can pull reports that can be saved for later viewing. This is also where you will need to do the necessary setup of entering your Drivers, Equipment, Terminals, and any Users who need to access the Admin portal.

InTouch GPS Tracking Platform 
If you purchased the full InTouch Fleet Tracking Solution you will also have access to a GPS tracking platform. You can do the setup for all 3 components within the tracking platform.

The first step is to name your Devices in the Settings section. Go to Settings>Devices>Edit for each one, using the IMEI number on the device label to ensure that each unit is named and has appropriate Vehicle information (including VIN) entered.

The second step is to set up your drivers in the Drivers tab and assign each driver to the appropriate device. For assistance with this process, see the Drivers section of this User Guide.

Next, enter any users that will need to access the tracking platform in the Users section under the Settings tab. Here you can assign specific User permissions.

So that you will not have to enter all of this information into both platforms, we have added an eLog section to the InTouch tracking platform that will allow you to select from the data you have already entered in the tracking platform to be added to your ELD Admin portal. You will find the eLog section in the sub-menu under the Settings tab. The only additional piece of information you will need to type in here will be entering your Terminals. Then you can click on the Equipment, Users, and Drivers section to select the previously entered options to feed through to your Admin portal. Here you can also create custom ELD User Roles to assign to each user.

Descriptions of the Main components:

Terminals – These are your home bases. It’s very important that they be entered correctly, as your requirements for the DOT may vary based on the vehicle’s air-mile distance from these locations. Terminals are required for Drivers and Equipment to subsequently added to the system. Please consult directly with the DOT if there are further questions.

Drivers – Each of your drivers must be entered into the software in order for them to subsequently use the Driver App to track their time as required by the DOT. Each driver must have a unique CDL number associated with them. The same CDL cannot be entered for multiple drivers. This is also where you will input the DOT rule the driver will operate under, which determines their available drive time, required breaks, and off duty time.

If you have already entered your personnel into the Drivers tab of of the tracking software, you will see them in the Drivers section of eLog and can select them as Driver for the ELD Driver App. Otherwise you will have to enter them from scratch here. Adding a Driver in this section will NOT also add them to the Driver Tab. The process does not work in reverse.

Note: When entering a Driver, they will also be listed in the Users section of the ELD Admin app. This will NOT permit them access to the Admin Panel, unless you ALSO add them as a User in the Users section. The software simply considers Drivers to be a specific type of User.

Users – These are your employees that will have access to the Admin portal, to review and if necessary edit your driver logs.

User Roles – determines how much access to the system a User can have. Users can be limited to only certain functions as needed for their particular job requirements.

Equipment – the vehicles used that are subject to Hours of Service. If you have both GPS and ELD, we HIGHLY recommend using the same name to identify the vehicle in both platforms. In the GPS tracking application, you will name the device in the Devices section by the vehicle it is installed in. (Match up the identification number listed on the device label with the identification number listed in the Devices section.) Then in the Elog section of the InTouch tracking platform you can select the devices you want added to the ELD tracking platform. If you are doing ELD only, simply add the vehicles in the equipment section of the ELD platform and make sure to enter the VIN – this is required for the bluetooth connection.

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