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There are three software components to the ELD system: the  ELD Driver AppELD Admin Portal, and the GPS Tracking account. There are extensive help sections in all three components to assist with using these platforms but you can also schedule a Personal 1-to-1 training session with our Training team by clicking on the “Schedule Training” link at the top of your GPS tracking account.

Driver App
The ELD Driver app is where drivers will log their Hours of Service. This can be downloaded to any tablet or phone and drivers will log in using log in credentials provided by their administrator. For more information on creating driver login credentials visit the ELD Account Set-up page.

ELD Admin Portal
The ELD Admin Portal allows employers/owners/supervisors and other authorized personnel to view Driver Status, Logs, Log Edits, Violations, DVIR’s,  and pull reports that can be saved for later viewing. You can also edit logs for drivers in this portal if they are unable to change their status through the Driver app.

GPS Tracking Platform
The GPS Tracking platform is where you will do your set-up and retrieve your State Mileage report for IFTA. If you have purchased our full tracking package including GPS tracking, you will use this portal to track your drivers locations, driving history, behavior, vehicle maintenance and trips.