Scheduling Training

Scheduling Training
Training Sessions can be booked using the Schedule Training link on the InTouch platform, in the upper right-hand corner. The training department also sends out information via email regarding the training with a link to our online scheduling calendar or of course you can also call the Training Team directly at 800-746-5170 to schedule over the phone.

Trainings are offered every hour, on the hour from 8am until 4pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Trainings are booked on a first come, first serve basis.

You are welcome to have as many participants on the call as you would like, however if the particpants are in separate locations you MUST list this in the notes along with each participant’s email address so we can email them the information for the session and provide a conference line number. Without this information we will not be able to set up your session correctly.

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We offer Training sessions on the following topics:

GPS Tracking – (60 minutes) Reviews the InTouch GPS tracking platform

Dash Cameras – (60 minutes) Reviews how to retrieve dash camera images and footage, as well as the InTouch GPS tracking platform

ELD – (60 minutes) Reviews the both the ELD Driver app and the Administrative portal of the federally mandated Electronic Logging Device for vehicles subject to Hours of Service (HOS).

ELD Driver App – (30 minutes) Specifically just for drivers to explain how to use the InTouch ELD Driver app. Make sure to list the Driver’s contact information when scheduling so we can reach them directly.

Fuel Efficiency – (30 minutes) This session will walk you through the required set-up and available fuel efficiency reports if you have either integrated your InTouch account with Wex fuel cards or plan to manually log fuel purchases in the Fuel tab of your InTouch account

Training Outreach/Process
InTouch University will reach out to you directly the next business day after you ordered devices to inform you of our free training and instruct you how to schedule a session. If we do not reach you, we will reach out three additional times via phone and email to offer the training. After four attempts we will no longer reach out regarding the training but there is no expiration to this offer. Unlimited, free training is available to our clients at any time.

Once you have scheduled your training session, our training team will reach out to you the day prior to confirm your appointment and send you a reminder email the morning of. Approximately an hour before your session you will receive an email invitation to a Join Me web meeting. This is the program we use for trainings so you can see our screen as we walk you through your account. At your scheduled training time, click on the link after “Join Meeting.” You will receive a call from us directly for the audio at the number you listed when scheduling the appointment.

For a list of training videos available on demand (also accessible directly from your InTouch account) click hereTraining Videos