Installation Guides

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Here is a list of Installation Guides for all of our hardware, including those with additional add-on options.

Asset Tracking
CalAmp 720 Battery Asset Tracker
CalAmp 2830 Wired Asset Tracker
Trailer Install
Equipment with Ignition
Assets with Temperature Sensor Option

Vehicle Tracking
CalAmp 2630 Wired Device
– With Driver ID Reader
– With PTO
– With Data Based PTO 

Advanced Vehicle Tracking Options (Wired Device Only) 
– Ignition Relay
– Lock/Unlock
– Seatbelt Sensor
Temp Sensor

CalAmp 3035 Plug-In Device

Zip Tie Install:

Y Cable Install 

CalAmp 4230 Wired Bluetooth Device

Camera Solutions
SmartWitness CP1
SmartWitness KP1/KP1S

Electronic Logging Devices
Pacific Track?