Installation Guides

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Here is a list of Installation Guides for all of our hardware, including those with additional add-on options.

Electronic Logging Devices
InTouch ELD 4230 Install and Setup
InTouch ELD 4230 Install VPOD with BYOD
InTouch ELD 4230 Install with MDT7P Tablet and Setup
Simplified Guide: CalAmp 4230 w/ JPOD2 for InTouch ELD
Simplified Guide: CalAmp 4230 w/ VPOD2 for InTouch ELD
InTouch ELD VeoSphere Install

Pacific Track
InTouch ELD Pacific Track Install with Samsung Tab E
InTouch ELD Pacific Track Install with BYOD
Setting Up Your InTouch ELD Account Pacific Track

Asset Tracking
CalAmp 720 Battery Asset Tracker
CalAmp 2830 Wired Asset Tracker
Trailer Install
Equipment with Ignition
Assets with Temperature Sensor Option

Vehicle Tracking
CalAmp 2630 Wired Device
– With Driver ID Reader
– With PTO
– With Data Based PTO 

Advanced Vehicle Tracking Options (Wired Device Only) 
– Ignition Relay
– Lock/Unlock
– Seatbelt Sensor
Temp Sensor

CalAmp 3035 Plug-In Device

Zip Tie Install:

Y Cable Install 

Camera Solutions
SmartWitness CP1
SmartWitness KP1/KP1S