Mobile Apps

InTouch Mobile App

We understand you need access to your fleet even when you are away from the office computer. With the InTouch GPS Mobile App you can now access the important information you need about your fleet anytime, anywhere. Get Alerts, find the nearest vehicle to an address, or view key reports.

InTouch OnDuty App

Your Hours Of Service, always on screen.

InTouch Driver

Navigation and reservations app for InTouch drivers.

InTouch ELD App

InTouch gives you the ability to create, view, edit, sign, print and email logs and inspection reports in compliance with all FMCSA guidelines, directly from a smartphone or tablet. Our solution is fully compliant with existing regulations and will remain a compliant solution as the industry transitions to ELD.

InTouch Hours of Service

Hours of Services is a powerful but easy to use tablet-based service certified with US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations for electronic logs and vehicle inspections. Regulations for electronic driving and vehicle inspection logs have become commonplace to ensure the veracity of driver tablet input and ensured compliance with regulations. Hours of Service is compliant with federal and state regulations as well as Canadian regulations.