History and Overview

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Who We Are
InTouch Fleet Tracking Solutions evolved out of a technology company that was formed in 1978 to sell and develop electronic measurement and control devices. Through the years as a pioneer in remote monitoring and control we sold and installed over 30,000 wireless devices. In 2005 we began development of a system for vehicle tracking and the necessary support software. We used our vast experience in simplifying the user interface to make InTouch the easiest and most straightforward product on the market. Our promise is to provide you a simple yet effective solution that will more than pay for itself in savings from the first day you install it.

InTouch is a fleet management company with our headquartered out of Lakeland, Florida. Over the last ten years, we have built a foundation of clients across the United States in every kind of industry. Many of those initial clients are still with us today. Some of the items that separate us from other companies are that we never require contracts, have a low price guarantee, and we are a direct provider of Fleet Tracking(meaning we developed our own software so you are going right to the source!)

We are proud to have been selected by over 4,000 customers as their GPS Fleet Tracking Partner. We understand there are many other companies to choose from and we appreciate you partnering with us as your service provider.