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The Elog section of your GPS tracking platform is where you can do most of the set up for your Electronic Logging Devices platform. It is easier to do the set up here (and creates less errors) as much of the information needed for Hours of Service has already been entered, you just need to “push it over” or copy it to your ELD portal.

Here are the sections you will need to fill out.

Terminals – These are your homebases. We have added the first one for you (main location we have on file). If we have made an errors or this is not correct, you can click the Edit button to the right and make any necessary changes. If you have more than one terminal you will need to enter the rest here. Click on the Add button (next to the green plus sign), enter the information and click the “locate” button to validate the location, then click Save.

Equipment – this is where you can “push over” the vehicles on your fleet that are subject to Hours of Service from your tracking platform for use for ELD. If you have not yet changed the device names from the gps identification number to a custom name (vehicle name/number), you will need to need to do that first. Click here to learn how to rename your devices

Once the devices are renamed, click on the “Add” button and click the radio button next to each device you need for Hours of Service. The fields below will then populate with the device information. All you will need to do is select the vehicle’s home terminal and the form needed for the vehicle’s inspection from the dropdown list and click Save. Repeat with all the devices you need to add for Hours of Service.

User Roles – determines how much access a User will have in the ELD Admin portal. There are several pre-defined User Roles to select from, but you are also able to create your own custom User roles if you wish. To learn the access of each role, click the Edit button next to each to see the permissions it includes. To create your own, click on the Add button, select the desired permissions, then click “Save User Role.”

Users – These are your employees that will have access to the Admin portal, to review and if necessary edit your driver logs. Note: Users are not Drivers; Users added here will not be able to log into the Driver app, and Drivers added in the Drivers section will not be able to log into the admin portal. Individuals that need to access both will need to be added in both areas with a unique email address in each, as required by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Any Users that have already been added for access to the GPS tracking in the Users section under Settings will be available to add as a User for the ELD Admin portal here. If you need to add additional Users to your GPS platform who will also need to access the ELD Admin portal, click here to learn how to add Users for GPS trackingAny Users who will only need access to the ELD Admin portal must be added directly from the portal itself, in the Users section under Settings.

To “copy” Users on the InTouch GPS tracking platform to your ELD Admin portal, click the “Add” button, then click the radio button next to each User you need to add. The fields below will then populate with that User’s information. All you will need to do is give them a password, and select their User Role, Visibility Set, and Authorized Terminal(s) from the dropdown lists and click “Save User.” Repeat with all of the Users you wish to add.

Drivers – Each of your drivers must be entered into the software in order for them to use the Driver App to track their Hours of Service as required by the DOT. Each driver must have a unique CDL number associated with them; the same CDL cannot be entered for multiple drivers. You will also input the DOT rule the driver will operate under, which determines their available drive time, required breaks, and off duty time.

You will first need to enter your Drivers into the Drivers tab of the tracking platform (if you have not already done so). For more information  click here to add Drivers.

Once entered in the Drivers tab  you will see them in the Driver’s section of eLog and can select to add as a driver for the InTouch ELD Driver app.

Click on the “Add” button and click the radio button next to each driver. The fields below will then populate with the drivers information you have already entered in the Drivers section. You will then need to enter the following information here: password, select the CDL Issuing State from the dropdown box, confirm their cycle rule, select Authorized Terminals and Home Terminal, and select any check box options* you wish that driver to have before clicking “Save Driver.” Repeat this with all Drivers.** Drivers will then use their email address and the password you have assigned to them to log into the InTouch ELD Driver app.***

*As per the Department of Transportation, ALL movement on vehicles outfitted with an ELD solutions must be accounted for. This means ANYONE that moves the vehicle any distance MUST log into the Driver app to account for the vehicle movement, whether or not they are subject to recording their Hours of Service. Anyone that accesses the vehicle that is not subject to recording Hours of Service will need to have an Exempt driver login. When “pushing” them in the Drivers section of Elog, select the Exempt checkbox. 

**When entering a Driver, they will also be listed in the Users section of the ELD Admin app. This however WILL NOT permit them access to the Admin Panel, unless you ALSO add them as a User in the Users section. The software simply considers Drivers to be a specific type of User.

***Driver’s vehicle assigments made through the InTouch ELD Driver app will NOT be reflected in the Driver Tab of your GPS tracking account. If you wish to utilize GPS reporting listed by driver you will need to assign Drivers to Devices in the Drivers tab as they switch vehicles.